So, How Do I Show Her How I Feel. Without Words...

At my job,

theirs a girl I'm head over heals for... Unfortunately..

Shes always on her computer working and

im a field worker so I don't stay in the office all the time..

So, I never get to talk to her..

And when I see her were normally walking/driving by each other..

And that's *Rare* Always a big smile.. Both sides...

How do I let her know, I've never felt this way before..

And for some reason I can't stop her to tell her how I feel..

Yes, I'm scared.. F**king Scared. And I don't know what to do about it.. its been 2 and a half years now,'

I can't believe she's still single..

So, how do I show her how I feel without words...

When I see her, I'm speechless...

+1 y
Yea well, I definitely over think things unfortunately

There's no guarantee that ill get to talk to her today..

Ill give my best effort,

Her co worker likes me, that doesn't help a hole lot but...

Im tired of living under my own gun...
So, How Do I Show Her How I Feel. Without Words...
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