She doesn't seem to want to have sex with me but seems to really like me?

I meet her at my work and honestly not sure if she is just a tease? lacks sexual experience / confidence or perhaps is religious reasons holding her back?

I don't think she really saw herself as really good looking and sexy in the eyes of most people , but I'd say she is really good looking and such. everytime I see her she's in these tight yoga pants that she wears for work and its super sexy. I've actually talked to her a lot since we first meet in July and felt things were going good but then she got a little freaked out when I sat too close to her one day and maybe checked out her yoga pants way too much.

sort of got the feeling she didn't want to have sex with me or something , but she seems to really like me and always says hi to me and comes up and talks to me or asks silly pointless questions just so she can talk to me. she's also single from what I know and doesn't seem to know many guys at all

I also wonder if she lacks sexual experience? or even has any as she is younger than me and doesn't appear to have had a serious boyfriend recently , but I'd still be surprised if she was a virgin at this point. she also might be religious or family religious , I'm not really sure , that could also help explain things

any thoughs on this one? I don't feel ready to walk away as I really liked her
She doesn't seem to want to have sex with me but seems to really like me?
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