What's does being insecure mean?

when one say's that his girl acting insecure or that a guy is insecure, what doe it mean? Please help me out.

thanks a lot.


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What Girls Said 1

  • you're not confident with yourself. That's insecurity. you can tell a girl is insecure if she is super smart but she thinks she's really dumb, or she's super pretty but she says she's ugly all the time. She doesn't have enough confidence. A guy can be super insecure if he does the same thing. hope that helps.


What Guys Said 1

  • hey..it just means that the girl or guy would feel that the other person could leave her/him for any reason like for other love interests, having some problem with the other person, etc. This explaination is just for the case of a relationship.

    i hope you get it now.

    U can feel insecure about many things.

    take care

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