Girls, My partner dumped me, but why is she still so angry?


I was with my partner for 15 years, we had lots of ups and downs, but always seemed to get through things together. Last year she became involved with Cannabis and was smoking it constantly.
I was really not happy about this and i wanted her to stop. she didn't and we split up.

Months later she messaged me and said, of all the people who had let her down in her life, she never expected it from me, she said that she wouldn't give me the chance to be with her again. She said that she was smoking Cannabis because she was unhappy.

I decided to try and get her back and did everything to win her back, she stopped smoking Cannabis and started to come around, but was sending me mixed messages, ie i would tell her that I wanted to be with her and marry her, she told me that if i was serious, then she liked the idea of that, she sent me naughty photos too. I thought that we were getting back together, but she would then tell me that we would never get back together and that her feelings were gone. This happened over and over, being nice then telling me that it was over for good. The last day I saw her we had a nice day, she said that we should do this more often.

I decided to write her a letter, telling her that although i loved her, I couldn't continue, I told her that life was too short to be kept hanging on string and that she should go and find someone who would love her as much as i did.

I did not contact her, she contacted me twice in a month, to ask a question re kids, but seemed bitter.

After a month I sent her a letter saying that we were over and that we needed to sort out the finances.
I sent one email detailing finances, she responded by ranting about what a loser I was etc, I contacted her again and again she ranted at me, but still didn't give me the information to make a clean separation and today she has done the same thing but is much more angry and very bitter.

Can anyone please tell me why she is so angry and bitter when she has got what she wants?
Girls, My partner dumped me, but why is she still so angry?
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