Did I scare him off?

I started talking to someone as friends that knew I was in love with him in high school. We were pretty good friends and we ended up sleeping together once. I got pregnant and now I have a 7 year old daughter. He didn't know about her but he does now. Long story short we have talked for like the last week all day everyday. But when we get around each other he won't stay around me long and he acts nervous. But now he won't hardly talk to me and he says that I am always asking questions and I kind of flip out if he don't text back and he said that's not attractive but to me I don't flip out. Oh and I can't get him to really hang out for a long time. But he says things that make me think he likes me but I am just so unsure. He told me yesterday to let things between us just unfold. Does that mean he doesn't like me and wants me to leave him alone? I wake up really early and so does he. Well sometimes he works midnights and I would text him bout 6 to 7 in the morning and he would text me right back or wait til he got up. I text him this morning and he said Why do you wake me up so early even if I work late? So what changed I don't understand. I am so confused.


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  • wow hos did you got pregnec if he did not come in u

    • Actually he did but I didn't find out I was pregnant til I was 5 in a half months

    • U shuold have never trust him

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