What do U thing Will I ask her again?

Hi , so the story is like this :-

2014 i saw a girl in my class she looks stunning , in that time i wasn't paying attention to any girl except her i don't know why but she is the girl , in that class we had been grouped together so I've known her name that time.

Nov of 2014 to march 2015 she had a relationship with someone , so after a month of her break-up I went to her and i asked her if she wanted to go out with me? ( Here i know that i'm too stupid to ask her during that time , anyway ) and for little while she didn't answer and finally said "Can U wait ill answer U next time " so i waited 3 days until i went to her and asked her again and she said " I like U but not like the way U like me... " and I understood everything that moment.

2015 - 2016 - 2017 we still see each other we talk more often i made efforts and a lot happened in those 3 years , 3 months ago she said " A fortune teller told me ill have a relationship with someone who is kind... etc , so i thought U and other guy " (that other guy has a relationship now ) and some other things like " U are the only one i can run to " and " I've got to set with one of the best people on the world ( this was in a letter she gave me ) " ... and a lot.

What do U think guys? what would i do? my feeling never change since the first time i saw her till now. or i'm just a stupid waiting for nothing?
What do U thing Will I ask her again?
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