Does the "No Contact" rule always work on women?

So I matched with this girl on tinder. We used to text each other a lot (conversations mostly initiated by me). Also talked to her on phone for hours.. I really almost fell for her even though we hadn't ever met. But one day she was a bit too rude and disrespectful. she said "I hate guys like you" to me and I blocked her to save my self respect. And right after I blocked her she calls and texts from another number. She wrote : "Listen at least tell me why you're blocking me :/ This is not done. Hello?"
I didn't answer her call or text at that time cause I was very angry. And I miss her a lot now. But she hasn't called or texted after that day. Will this No Contact rule really work. The no contact rule simply means not contacting your ex (though we never really dated) It means no phone calls, no messages , nothing. Its been a month now and she hasn't yet reached out to me after that day. Should I still wait for her?
She's gonna reach out to me in a month
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She has most probably forgotten about me
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She misses me
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Does the "No Contact" rule always work on women?
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