I don't know what to say to him anymore or what I should do?

My best friend and I used to be very close. I stopped him from suicide many times, and we dated twice. But even though we broke up we didn't distance ourselves. There is so much history between us I can't even begin to explain it. End of last year he got a little distant, then I went to Europe. When I got back we talked for a while on the phone and it was the old him. Then, he went to Korea. Once he got back, we rarely talked. I've already screwed things up because I got mad at him and told him how I felt (First Real Teenage Love) and I realized by holding on I'm pushing him away. I finally learned he has had a girlfriend. He didn't tell me. I've been trying to cope with this the best I can. I've cried so many times, feel like drinking helps, but it doesn't. I just, I know I'm falling part without him and hate that. I never wanted love to be apart of my life this way. I wanted other things to make me happy.. but right now it seems only he can. But I want him back in my life like we used to be. I miss his hugs and his casual winks in class. We used to always be together. I have constant dreams about us dating and I can't get him off my mind. Things are getting easier between us but they aren't the same. What do I do, or how should I approach him? I want him to want me (What girls doesn't) How should I take care of this?


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  • Aww that's really sweet!, you obviously feel strongly about this guy so you should tell him how you feel but at the same time make sure he knows your not trying to split him and his girlfriend up, because you don't want him jumping to the wrong conclusions. But you only get one shot at love and you'll never know unless you try, wouldn't you rather know that not know, because years down the line you will regret not telling him how you feel. He maybe even feels the same way but just doesn't know how to get the words how, you know what guys are like they bottle things up. I've been with guys in the past who never measured up to one person who was my first love but I never told him because of rejection:( also because I know it could never happen because of the distance so I never told him. But you have this chance don't let it pass by!

    • I had another dream about him last night. We were texting and long story short he knew I liked him a lot and It's kinda fuzzy on what happened but he told me something like, "If I was your boyfriend or husband..." I can't remember what it was about I just remember that part and then I said "Oh trust me, I wish you were.."

      I've told him how I felt and I'm scared it's only pushing him away. Now we are at least talking and I'm scared to lose it, but I'm going insane just sitting around.

    • Also, to add onto my last comment, he got in trouble by hnging off the fourth floor at school (he isn't that bright sometimes) so he was confined to the cafeteria t lunch. He asked me to stay with him there and I agreed (How could I say no to him?) But all he did was text his girlfriend in front of me. I took his phone for like 5 minutes as we walked to the cafeteria and he told his girlfriend that and she was like "Tell her to stop" He also had an art project and drew her like 10 times.