How do you know when a guy is really starting to like you?

I want to know details on how you will know when a guy is really starting to like you.. I know this boy likes me, he has told me but I want to know when he is really starting to like me without him telling me.


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  • - he gets shy around you

    - he text messages you (at random times, shows he's thinking about you)

    - he asks you out on dates

    - he tells you.

    I know he has already told you but that's what men do, they're straight forward, not really romantic or sentimental or anything. Well most of them anyway, if they are, they have been trained well. You just have to trust him and take his words. Good luck x

    • Thank you, I don't know if he really gets shy around me but he does text me everyday after he is done with football practice.. Does that count?

    • Yeah, that's cute. He likes you :) x

    • Aw, he's really sweet too.

      Thank you! :)

  • he told you he likes you. what more do you want?

    • I wanted to know what hints would he give off when he is REALLY starting to like me.. So shut up, the person below answered the question and was polite with manners...which is obvious something you lack in.