What's happened to eyebrows?

They seem elusive like unicorns these days, so when you do see them anywhere you can't help but stare!

Don't know the woman but this woman has beautiful brows. Dear Gawd 🤤What's happened to eyebrows???


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  • I love thick eyebrows! I have them myself. I let my eyebrows grow completely natural. No maintenance required. Thin eyebrows are so out of style now, but weird shit is trending haha.


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  • What? Big brows have been in for years... Cara Delevingne, Sofia Boutella, Dua Lipa even Sofia Vergara has pretty bold brows

    • I'm talking women around who cares about celebs.

    • Celebrities and fashion set what’s popular for regular women, as influencers it’s how society works.

    • You're right there.

      Judging from my work place, an International bank HQ in London, one of the biggest banks in the world. Top 2 floors probably has 500 female staff

      There's a lot with heavy makeup faces and fake thick brows

      Probably only one Spanish colleague tho with thick natural eyebrows like that image.

  • Are you for real?

    Bold eyebrows have been the trend for almost five years. Have you been in solitary confinement for all that time?

    • Trend in which country?

      And fake thick brows maybe. I'm talking about hair like that.

      Rare around UK.

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    • Good lord, you’re picky.

    • Am I?

      To me it's just a passing thought. Not like I'd be picky about it with my woman... That's her choice.

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