If a guy gets inside your personal space? Getting all up in your grill?


Well, there is a story and there is a question. Story first though, then full summarized question later.

Okay, there is this guy who is in my same grade and he is really eccentric. Like he makes weird (but funny) jokes, he stares intentionally at people to "freak them out," and he is opinionated. However though, since he is still a teenager, he sometimes doesn't follow what he thinks and goes with the crowd.

Anyway, one day, when we were passing each other (facing each other) he said "Hey, there." and then got really, REALLY close to my face and looked into my eyes. While that was happening a guy from behind us cheered him on. I was stunned because no one has ever gotten that close to me before! I hurried up and scurried along because I didn't know what to do in that situation. He also has stared at me and comment on things that I have made and try to start a conversation with me. I first thought that he was doing this because of his "eccentricness", but I have seen him act to other people (including other girls) and they are treated different. Plus, I heard that if a guy get all up in your grill (a.k.a. your personal space) that means that he is attracted to you (or a.k.a. likes you/wants to have sex with you/murder you because you smell really pretty to him but even though that is extremely creepy you are flattered because he thinks you smell nice/whatever you know what I mean).

Now, that is just with a normal guy, but I don't know if that also goes for guys who want to be known by how different they are. So I asked my friend (who has been blessed with smarts and kindness, but lacks in "common sense" and "looks") and she shot down that hope like it was a duck at duck season, saying that "he stares at everybody to freak them out," but then I ask her if he ever got EXTREMELY close to someone and even though she hasn't she pretty much said that it didn't mean squat. Now I do trust her opinion, but this is a common sequence she shows when it comes to me and guys. Maybe it might be jealousy (not that I am the most gorgeous girl in the world, but hey it's high school, pretty much everyone is self-conscious and jealous), cynical (even though this is most unlikely since she is a romance fanatic), or that she is right (which is a good possibility).

Here's the question: If a guy gets inside your personal space (voluntary, without any outside force) does that actually mean anything?

Any answer/comments would be appreciated!


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  • Boys are generally confused at High School time. They behave according to their mode. Because of hormonal change they don’t always reacts in a safe or healthy way. He must be attracted by you and want to have sex with you.That is why He behaved this way.

  • you said he acts different with other girls, get got that close to you, he comments you, it could potentially mean he finds you attractive which can lead to him liking you/sex/all that good stuff.


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