Dating hot party girls?

So I just got back from Vegas, where I go frequently, and I always run into the party girls who walk around with dresses so tight and that don't have 1" of leeway in either direction, and this past weekend for Halloween, literally their bra and panties. Even though I want a relationship, I'm still a guy, and these girls seem appealing. I think it's not even that they're hot, because I'm been with a few really attractive "good girls", but it's like wanting what I can't have. Despite being a decent looking, tall, in-shape guy myself, I'm not an underwear model acting as a pick-up artist, and I feel like that's all these girls want. I was wondering if:

a) My premise that these women are very cocky and would (rudely) reject 98% of guys is true


b) What stories guys have about dating these girls that would make me realize that a life of dating cute accountants is much preferable

I realize I'm going on big stereotypes here, but work with me. I feel like I'm missing out in life by only dating the safe, responsible girls like myself. My friends and female friends tell me I'm the complete opposite of the party girl which makes me upset and even a bit hurt that I'm not good enough and have to "settle". After all, aren't I supposed to have fun just for a little bit of my youth rather than always playing it safe?


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  • Here's a tip for you: All women assume men want to get laid; these "attractive girls" do it 100* times more often than the average women.. They go to extremes of guessing how your going to open your mouth.. So be different - (It's free advice, but if you like what you see, he's got an ebook too that I've read and highly recommend)

    And here's the answers to your questions:

    A) Guys in general? False.. Guys that are only trying to get laid? True.

    - Think about it, if a gay guy approached these girls then the girls would welcome him more than anything, just to keep the womanizers away. Well, what if your a straight guy that doesn't give a damn about them or getting laid, but you are fun and intelligent, they'd welcome you to. You just need to find a different way to "communicate with these girls" than the girls you have been speaking with.. They are on a higher level than what you are familiar with - that doesn't mean that you aren't qualified.. It means: you haven't journey'd that path in life.

    B) Here's my story:

    - A big breasted brunette was WAY out of my league, but we'd keep exchanging notes and blah blah blah.. One day I said "F this" and just asked her out - to my suprise she said yes.. Que: "Begging of life in hell"... She F'd my best friend, I can only guess at how many others; I didn't dump her because I thought she was more valuable than I was (low self esteem).. After sticking around her mom chased me for countless months with a stick saying how horrible iw as, further lowering who I was and making me appreciate her even more.. Then I got stuck on how hot she was and how good the sex was.. To get stuck EVEN more... Then I had every single friend tell me "she isn't good for you" - so I dropped them because I thought I loved her.. I went to propose to her and then found out she's flirting with every single guy; Que: "Bad memories all over again"... Not ever single girl has a drama-rating as high as that relationship; but let me tell you that out of the 4 years we were together, there was more bad than good.. And coming from my side, the worst I ever did was leave her for another girl because I THOUGHT I was going to kiss her - then it all turned around in my face.

    Save yourself dude, find a REAL girl and not someone who's plastic. TRUST ME on that. It's fine to have fun attracting them to see if they are real - but if they aren't, why lower yourself just to get with them? They will always try to make you think you are less valuable, but the minute you realize who you TRUELY are, you can attract anyone.. Take it from me - I may not be "taken" but that's because I haven't found my Cinderella.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Hot party girls are looking for a guy who can foot the bill for their partying and then some. But, if you are not hot enough for them, they will gladly allow you to foot the bill while they continue to look for their hot male equivalent. They are unlikely to be faithful and, if you don't know what you are doing, they will make you look and feel like a chump.

    If you have the confidence to approach these girls, and not act like a doormat that they will walk all over, give it a shot. Why not find out for yourself what the upside and downside of dating a hot party girl is. Personally I think you will find they are great show ponies but not much fun outside of the party.

  • I don't see anything wrong with exploring your youth and testing the dating scene. You just need to remember what the consequences are for that. I'm sure the party girls wearing tiny dresses are very appealing. Trust me, my heart skips a beat every time I pass one of the sexy athletes walking around shirtless on campus. I was so intrigued in fact, that I got mixed up in dating one or two. Was it fun? Sure it was. They were hot with perfect bodies and have the highest status on campus. I was like royalty walking hand in hand with them as my friends would text me "Omg just saw you walking across the street with so and so! Explain!?!"

    I don't regret those experiences. *However* there were major consequences to dating the male equivalent of your "party girls."

    1) They were huge players. These girls will make you think all of their attention is on you, and you will be so enamored that you'll devote much time and money to them. Come to find out they are dating quite a few guys and you are just one sap on their list.

    2) Not much was going on upstairs. Sure they were gorgeous and known by most everyone on campus, but their personality left me feeling like something was missing. They didn't intrigue me mentally, and the emotional connection was lacking. All of the butterflies I got from them were when they took their shirts off.

    3) They would turn on me in a second. The one I dated eventually got fed up with me "waiting" to have sex and tried to force me. He later started vicious rumors that have followed me for 2 years. The other dumped me out of the blue for another woman and I haven't spoken to him in nearly 6 months. When they get bored with you, they will toss you in a heartbeat.

    4) Last but not least, the reputation I gained was one that was hard to shake. By dating 2 athletes, I became known as a jersey chaser, and they allll know each other. They'd swap made up stories, despite the fact that I never slept with them, and basically tried to ruin my name simply because they could. This may not necessarily hurt you in the sense that other party girls won't want to date you, but when you decide you want a real relationship with a real girl again, this will bite you in the ass. Girls avoid guys that date these types like the plague.

    The point of this story is to recognize that those athletes are like those hot party girls. One in the same in fact. All of the things I've mentioned will probably come true for you. I don't regret my decisions. I enjoyed the experiences while it was good, I dated for superficial reasons because I'm young and I can, and then I moved on. I am no longer plagued by the "bug" to date the young, hot, guys that are probably bad for me.

    Take from this what you will. Whether it cautions you to stay away from them, or whether you want to try it out for yourself. It can be a ton of fun, but realize that it most likely won't last and you will end up with some problems afterward.

    • @msmexx: Out of curiosity, when you say she wants a hot guy to dance with and to have fun, do you mean that in that she wants to use the hot guy in order to boost her ego, which in turn allows her to have more fun, or does she just view it as "I don't expect to ever see anyone at this party again, and I figure he doesn't either, so let's have fun together"? I think many guys like to view women's actions as more malicious than they are, so I'd like your opinion to use in the future.

  • go out with the hot girls and don't assume that they are so secure... They may not be "good girls" but sincde you don't want to miss out just date as many as you can until you want to settle with one. They may be rude sometimes thinking that is cool but those girls typically are so lonely because most guys are intimidated to approach them. On the other hand, there are hot girls who are bitches and you will know when you start getting to know them . Those are the ones that you stay away from.

    Be confident, most hot girlsdon't date hot guys... I can talk about why but I think you got the point. Pursue what you want ...

    • Good points. Thanks. I am probably going to give up on this unhealthy fantasy and continue to date the cute girls. Maybe it's just easier for me to do that, but while I think I'm decent looking, and a number of girls seem to agree, I think I'm good looking in a "I'm older than 26" kind of way. I don't think many girls or guys get why I dress how I do, and I don't want to explain it to someone who doesn't.

  • Sure you can but you have to realize that a lot of the party girls you find in Vegas aren't actually party girls. They're just looking to cut loose.

    I dress like a total whore whenever I go to Vegas too even though I'm more conservative back at home. My friends and I usually end up at a bottle service table with some guys and then half of us go back to the hotel while the other half go hook up with randoms.

    People go to Vegas for different things. I'm less prone to reject men in Vegas than at home because I acknowledge that we're all there to have a fun time. All the same though, I wouldn't ever sleep with any of them. On the flip side, some of my friends (who don't reject men in general much anyway) end up sleeping with men they meet in Vegas more often than they do so at home.

    In my opinion, Vegas is a good place to hunt for a one night stand. Even if you get shot down, it probably wouldn't be too painful (you need to take it like a man anyway, you're never going to see these chicks again) and you may end up scoring.

    You also have to keep in mind that the possibly of getting rejected depends solely on you, your confidence, your body type, everything really... so it's hard to figure out how well this is going to go for you.

    And like I said, I'm talking about Vegas. Party girls in my hometown can either be bitchy or easygoing depending on the venue so that really depends.

    Also, you have to differentiate between dating "party" girls and sleeping with them. On the whole, I find that party girls (being somewhat of a former one myself) are usually very unstable as opposed to their counterparts. If you're not used to their sort of lifestyle, you'll get wiped out pretty fast. It's hard to keep up with them and they're always looking for the next best thing too.

    My advice is to go ahead and bang a few if you feel like it but stick to the cute accountant for the long term situation. She's less likely to wake you up at 3 in the morning for a ride and throw up in your car on the way home.

  • The typical party girl is the girl you want to take to bed, not the girl you want to get into a serious relationship with at all (this is coming from a party girl). When a girl goes to a party, she's looking for fun, a hot guy to dance with and, if you play your cards right, she'll let you take her to bed.

    It has nothing to do with you being in shape with the six packs and all lol.

    • Yeah right "hot" generally means in shape. I don't see too many girls calling fat guys hot.

    • According to your description, you aren't fat.

  • Party girls are attracted to guys with confidence,even though those girls themselves are not so confident.So you have to muster up confidence to talk to them and approach them.

    And you can't be a debbie downer,you have to keep up with the party girl type.

    But it's good to know good girls are the ones guys "settle" for.I'll keep that in mind from now on.

    • It is not settling for. I would never marry a slut. Sluts may be fun to play with and fool around with, but when you get married, when you look at who is going to be the mother of your child, you want a good girl, not a girl with a drug problem or a girl who has scr**ed half of the guys in your town

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    • I'm yeah excuses

      That's why I feel no pity for self proclaimed nice guys like yourself

    • I have no idea what your comment is supposed to mean. But, OK, you don't have to feel sorry for me. It's OK.

      The problem with your theory, virgin, is how to define a "slut". You have a fantasy image of what one is (like the party girl I referenced in my question) but they're not the only ones you'd probably label that way.

  • Well, you can always have fun for a while and when you get tired of it you can find a nice girlfriend. By the way, not all girls are the way they seem. Some really serious/goody goody girls can be wilder than you think.

  • Well if you want a certain type of partner, you may have to adjust yourself to be attractive to the kind of person you want. If you are not the type of guy they would want currently, why not work on yourself to be physically attractive to them? Maybe spend a few months working out and dressing trendier so you can have a better chance at getting these girls. I understand how you feel completely, so my advice is if you want to date a certain type of person you may have to adjust your physical appearance to what you think they'd like.

  • i'm one of the 5% (as described by Anonymous)..i'd date you :)

  • I say 95% don't do it but go w gut instinct. My reasoning is that most "hot" girls are immature, and self asorbed. The other 5% are true gems, beautiful inside and out!


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  • Take it from me. DO NOT DATE THE PARTY GIRL! I did once and I can confidently say that that type of girl will ruin any decent man. All the party girls that I have met have only been out to get theirs. They date men that they can use and once the person looses their usefullness they toss them to the side and flaunt their stuff to the next shmuck standing line. It's fun to take risk but no sense in playing russian roulette with an automatic.

    (disclaimer: I know that not all party girls are like this, but from my past expierences the ones that I have met have been).

  • i kinda have the same problem. especially going to college, you can easily tell the girls that are "party girls", whom are really attractive, could easily get a one night stand, and have no commitment. Then there are the "good" girls, girls who are there just for an education, and maybe to meet somebody, (usually) are not as attractive as the party girls, and are usually looking for commitment. Being a guy, the party girls are a big temptation, especially if you are afraid of commitment. I myself am trying to do the opposite of most guys at college, and I am working on maturing myself, and getting into a committed relationship, but usually find myself doing the opposite.

    So I would say do whichever you want. have some fun then settle. and after all the girls who are not party girls are worth it in the end. if you are how you say you are then you would not want a slut as a girlfriend.

  • Your not going to be going out with any girl if you keep in your head the fact that they will reject you. Even if they do, move on to the next one.

    • Not so much rejection, but an obvious mismatch. IT's a fine line.

  • "party girls" are not worth your time unless your looking to f*** and chuck

  • party hot girls? or do you mean stds mobile dancing carriers? YUCK! chicks are nasty!

    you're 25 and you still don't know that chicks are nasty? you still think they smell of roses? LOL

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