Why do you think she came around?

Very recently a good friend from high school (female) broke up with her kids father and got in contact with me. We would hang out randomly. But one night we were drinking with people and she wanted to fool around. I told myself she was just drunk. Then she sends me pics and tries against a few weeks later. We did finally fool around but nothing has changed and now we talk everyday. I do like her a lot and I did tell her I do. Just based off that much what would you think. I've never really been able to read a females body language (lol), so I'm stuck.


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  • Well at least there is some physical attraction on both sides, otherwise you wouldn't be fooling around. I think it depends on what you want to pursue, purely sexual or more than that? And if it's the latter, ask yourself the question if you wish to put up with a child as well. 'cause if you date her it's a package. Anyways, I'd say if you want to date her, perhaps ask her on a date, day-time date. That way you'll avoid fooling around too much and you can test the water to see how serious she is.

    As for the reason she came around, who knows... only she knows that. Perhaps she is just looking for a quick fling after she broke with her kid's father.

    • Thank you, we both have kids so that's not really a problem. But I like the date idea how should I go about asking her out. We are pretty close and I don't want it to seem like friends and brunch.

    • Oh I see, then that is probably one less hurdle. Perhaps you can ask her to go out just the two of you. Go for dinner? Dinners are considered romantic when going together. Or you could just be clear about it and ask her directly if she wants to go on a date on Saturday (f. e.).

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