Is she just being nice or is she showing interest at all?

So I've been travelling with someone for a while. We have kmown each other for a few years. And recently connected to become travel partners.

Anyway. I like her and I'm sure she knows but I've never told her in words. The past week or 2 with her have been crazy up and downs. I'm still trying to put my finger on the type of girl she is. Whether a tease or Is she for real.

Well she teases me and I tease back when I catch her off guard with things about her and the things she does or says. So its banter going well but last week I forgot my keys in her car. I called her to let her know my keys are in her car but didn't expect her to turn back and bring it. She then left and voice messaged me complaining that she never got a chance to say good bye to the baby kid her mom looks after and said I have some serious making up to do cos I made her late lol. So I replied teasing her with a cry baby sound. Then I said in reply to her telling me I should make up for her effort with "I'll take her to lunch". She said why don't you take your girlfriend? I don't have one. I replied back saying. "I wasn't even serious and I would wanna" (hard to get)

The next morning she picked me up for work and we were like normal two people. Like nothing happened.

In this week I spoke to her about me meeting with a gym partner then she asked if it is a girl or guy and who made the approach. I said it is a guy and I approached then I saw her smiling? What was the smile about?

Backdating a little... I asked her some time ago about going with her to gym and she said NO go to your own gym! This week after me talking about meeting up with a gym partner she said to me perhaps I should start going with her to gym?

She is comfortable around me as well. The other day I said I don't have much to chat about today and she said it's fine. The silence is nice sometimes. So she is actually comfortable around me already. Is she waiting for me to... make the move?

One catch. She has a boyfriend 😐


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like she might think you're gay. She has a boyfriend, leave it alone.

    • Lol. I ain't gay. I just got out of a 5 year relationship with my ex girlfriend about 6 months ago.

    • I didn't say anything about pursuing her. By the way.

What Guys Said 1

  • Has she ever shown sgins to you that she wants to leave her boyriend? If not, I won´t make a move.

    • Very seldom talks about her relationship with me. I'm just trying to gauge what it is and it's not something that I intend to do unless she suggests something in the direction of her leaving him.

      Things like why is she all of a sudden changing her mind about asking me to gym with her? Which she never bothered about until asking me in the week!

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    • Will in due time. I'll give her a bit of time to get to know me more.

    • Sounds good. I wish you luck.

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