How to know if they are a Gold Digger?

So, this question has come to me today.

I have been sorta weird friends with a girl for three to four months. She was really shy at first but we became closer. But, she often gives flirty signs like looks at me during class, laughs at me, touches me, all the weird flirty things girls do.

Now up until more so recently she had no idea that I had quite a bit of money. Even before she knew I think she was still quite flirty. She found out because I was carrying a couple hundred on me and she went crazy... I mean... common its just 2 hunneds.

Today she was sitting in front of me as always and was talking to another guy about some rich guy that maybe going over to her house for a party or vice-versa.

This got me thinking... How do I know if she just wants my money? How do I know if this is just her way of getting cash, how do I know that if we start dating she leaves when I stop spending as much on her? Anyone have tell tale signs on how I can tell if a girl wants a sugar daddy or if she actually likes you?

This would be a major help, thank you.
– She likes drawing on my Hand (Rappers names, Hearts, the word penis and drawing penis on my hand)
– She sticky noted me (She put sticky notes all over me)
– She used to laugh at everything I said
– She will not draw on anyone else’s hand but mine (I asked why not someone else’s hand, she replied no)


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  • Don't spend anything on her and she how she reacts. You shouldn't be spending too much on her anyway in the getting-to-know-phase. It gives the wrong idea.

    • I have not spent a dime. She has begged me to buy her things tho... I never give in though.

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  • I'm not sure of your way with girls. But I started out really talking to girls by giving money. It's simple though if she steers conversations towards her bills or things she wants. Does she seem more about image or self improvement. Or you can flat out ask her if she snap you dirty pics for money don't have to be nude. Like you show me a bra pic I make it worth your while. It has its fun moments. But they you're left with a girl who disappears when the money runs out

    • I have many years of dealing with gold diggers and sluts though and genuinely good people

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    • I do not have the time for now. That is the thing. I have been going through a lot mentally and am screwed up. I do not feel good about being in a relationship at this moment. I am just so lost about this.

    • It is really weird talking to her now. We never talk and just look at each other in the eye. I have nothing to say, its so awkward and weird, I hate it haha. Today I said something to her while she was walking to her locker, as I was passing her, she elbowed me in the side. Not hard, and could barely feel it. Is this more flirtatious behavior?

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  • Don't spend money on her and you will know if she leaves you

  • How does that make her a golddigger?

    • It does not, nor did I say it does... I asked how do I know if someone is a gold digger?

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