Even as a friend, is this a bad idea?

im a high school senior and I know it's a common knowledge to not text a girl every day. I recently became friends with her and she said yes to the promposal. I usually initiate the convo and snap her not text her. She sometimes answers with one or two answers but mostly a long answers with a cute selfie with grinning face (since I tell her funny things and shares my story daily). I had a crush on her and I still have, but many people don't want me to go forward since they don't want rhe prom to get ruined by moving too much ahead. Obviously snap streaks is something u and other person snap daily. However I always either share my story or ask a question. I's this a bad idea and will make her bored? Or does friends do this pretty often?


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  • Sorey, is what a good idea? You want to ask her to prom? Im confused. But anyway, your friends dont want you to try and get a girl because they dont want their prom ruined!! Da fuck! What kind of friends are they, Screw then, do something because its what you want.

    • I already asked her to prom and she said yes. I wanted to be more than just friends with her but now I change my mind to be just friends since if I move too much she might feel uncomfortable. But as a friend is talking through snap daily too much? I mean I've seen my friends who invited their close friends talk like every second

    • OH OK, I understand now. Um, look, your fine, there is a girl that is one of my close friends ( though I want it to be more) that I snapchat everyday, and its perfectly ok and not weird.

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