Girls, why does she keep pushing me away when we get close?

I met this girl through FB a year or so ago
We hit it off. She lives near a major city and I planned my vacation in that city. She loved the idea. The weekend before she gets upset with me on FB over a misunderstanding. A typo basically. When I arrive I text her phone and tell her I'm in town. She immediately responds. I later learn she was waiting for my text. We have an amazing week together. She made me breakfast, I met her kids. We talked about being together in a relationship, and she loved the idea of me moving there. I really fell in love with the area. After I left she told me about how she thought of our kisses and me holding her at night. Then last night we are texting and I just tell her to let me know when she's about to fall asleep so I can let her go and she gets upset again. Didn't block me this time. Just won't respond. Does anyone know what I'm missing?


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  • That is kind of weird, maybe she didn't want you to hang up?

    • That's what a friend of mine said. I didn't think of that at the time. I just thought I'd let her sleep when she got tired. But two days without talking seems like a bit much.

    • She should have never stopped talking to you for that, if she didn't want you to hang up, she should have just said so. She is being childish if that is the reason.

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