What did I do wrong here?

This is me and my prom date's snapchat convo today
Me : "Day 2" (internship pic)
her : forehead pic
Me (few hours later) : Guess what retarded shit I did in hair salon yesterday lmao
Me (an hour later) : That wasn't meant to send to you. My b
Her: ok np (full selfie)
Me : video of my dog running
Me : Are you going to the concert tonight?
(no answer as of yet)

Do I sound too desperate and snap her too much? (I either share my story or ask her questions daily)
She usually answers with a long answer or good reaction since I send her lots of funny snaps.
I actually had a crush on her for a while but my friends told me to treat her like your crush since that might make her feel uncomfortable for prom. Did I do anything wrong here?


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What Girls Said 1

  • To me it does not look like you did anything wrong.


What Guys Said 1

  • What the fuck is a forehead pic?


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