Guy bestie has a girlfriend but I make her uncomfortable?

He's my friend and his girl texted me asking to stay away. What do I do? I do respect her but damn. We're just friend's, and I have a boyfriend.


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  • She's probably has her insecurities and is jealous. Some girls just want to be the only girl their bfs associate with. Maybe you can let her know you have no intentions, and he's just a close friend of yours.


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  • Double date. You need to hang out with your best friend and her so that she can see that you guys are only just friends. She'll see that you can be a good friend to both him and her and will accept you. Or if thats too much work, just have him lie about whenever he's hanging out with you. Though that'll obviously cause other problems.

  • Does she know you have a boyfriend?
    If no, tell her.
    If yes, fuck her. You don't have to give up a friend because of his girlfriend being insecure.
    On the yes though talk to him about it as well.


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