She blocked my number and she is avoiding me all of a sudden?

Ok me and this girl at college have known each other for a couple semesters, we never had any classes together she works at the library part time. We talk at school at least once a week and we starting becoming good friends. We talk about everything from school to personal things. Well anyway the semester is about to end in a couple of weeks so I asked her for her number. I know she has a boyfriend but i wanted to get it to keep in touch since we won’t see each other anymore since I’m transfering. She did without hesitation. about a week and a half went by. I sent her 2 texts how her finals was going and if she needed help. No response, at school she started to avoid me and turns out she blocked my num. Did I miss something?


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  • Probably had a run in with the boyfriend & instead of having the conversation that she would rather not continue with the friendship she just blocked you. Sucks that there was no communication but that's classic.

    • I’m thinking her boyfriend told her something. Why would she give me her number than block it. She could of told me no

    • That's what I'm saying. Something happens either he was uncomfy or was jealous or something. Where instead of talking to you about it. She just blocked you. She probably did have intentions to be friends but the circumstances changed.

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  • Some people are just flakely. Best to let it go. It's no big deal.


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  • Yes, she thinks you are a creep.

  • Move on...


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