Does she like me?

I have met this girl in one of my classes and I have come to really like her. We see each other in the hallways quite often, and every time we do walk past each other we make eye contact and in the classroom too. The thing that is making me unsure is that at the start when we started talking, she would message me and we would have convos, we also have a streak, but recently we haven't really been talking and having convos. What could this mean, I have never experienced something like this from a girl before so I am clueless as to what this could mean.


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  • 1. Ask her what’s going on.

    2. She might not know what to talk about anymore.

    3. She could be to nervous to say something dumb, so you should start the conversations.


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  • She is at least interested in you.
    Either she is too busy or she is also uncertain what to do.


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