What are woman's double standards stemming from?

This one girl, call her Kate, posted pictures of herself after sex on the internet online, next to the guy she was shagging so his face was visible. She was cheating on her boyfriend.

She dragged her boyfriend through the city with glitter on his face as punishment for cheating on her. That's when she approached me three times and started flirting with me.

I made some remarks about how I kissed this Kate, and how much of a temptress she was

and she has a whole band of gossips calling me an "emotional terrorist" and "liar"

and that it's "awkward af and socially inept af"

There must be something i am not seeing? She literally smears guys faces with glitter to publicly embarrass them? And posts pictures of herself online cheating on her boyfriend.

And he looks at her like she is just an angel from heaven. He absorbs all of her shit like it's the most important thing in the world.



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  • Toxic people alert. Leave while you still can. oh, and I'm suggesting RUN!


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  • well theirs two, sides to a story you dont know how side unless he is an idiot bit this sounds like something a tren would say what age are all you


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  • She is mentally ill, along with the guy

  • I'd slap the bitch to the ground.


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