Let’s pretend you never had a capability to fear failure, change or uncertainty, how different would things be?

I just think if an answer is generally a more positive outlook, doesn’t that mean you have confidence in yourself? How many unhealthy relationships are sustained by fear of change, uncertainty, etc. I think it would cause more divorces likely... but less missed opportunities to meet the right person.
Sorry if it too abstract of a question. I’ve just always wondered how much of everyone’s fate is caused by their own fears and insecurities and laziness, in avoiding change
This song reminds me of the conversation we had



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  • Without fear or uncertainties mankind would change the way our world is ran. Removing fear would cause chaos. With out consequences or judgement any given outcome would end positively for the parties directly involved. Causing a domino effect of devastation. Fear creates order.

    • I can see your point, but you could also argue German citizens during WW2, or women in the Middle East, wouldn’t allow things to get where they got, or are, because it is fear itself, that enabled complacency, to enable fear-mongering dictators to take hold, in the first place.
      So, don’t think it’s so black and white.
      However, question was more personal, not comprehensive social question, but don’t get me wrong, loved the reply, very interesting to think about

    • I think I would feel as you do, if I was raising children! Haha, that’s for sure

    • Good song.

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  • I don't fear failure, nor do I fear uncertainty. Why then, you may ask, am I writing this?

    I fear CHANGE. I fear change of perception in the way people look at me.

    I make a very conscious effort to make people see & perceive me in a very particular and planned manner.

    I try very hard to not deviate from the character I've built for myself in the other person's mind.

    My fear comes into play, when there are a number of people in the room, each perceiving me in a different way. Each expecting me to act in a different way to the circumstance at hand.

    I fear breaking the frame, I've worked so hard to build for myself. I fear breaking other people's expectations. I fear people changing their opinions about me. I fear people trying to figure out who I really am.


    • I get you, the change you are talking about, is outside your control. The fear of change I was referring to, was interpersonal, like, not progressing oneself out of an unproductive routine and habits, because it has become known to you, you have learned to survive in it, you may not like it, but it becomes your reality, your accepted future, because you fear what may happen, if you suddenly did the unexpected, to venture into uncertainty

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    • I’ve lived a very puzzling life, a good one, but I think where people go off track, is by following, following what has been taught to you, as important. Money for example, getting into debt and stuff, I’ve always cared less about stuff, my friends would spend all kinds of money on cars, one time instead of a car, I spent $50k on a shoe/boot manufacturing machine, and put it in my garage, because I wanted to make boots, it never ended up anywhere, but it’s a mentality of being you, following passions, it it fails it fails

    • This song reminds me of our conversation


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  • Not sure how much of that I understood.


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  • Probably wouldn’t be here

  • 1000000000% better

    • Doesn’t that actually mean you are confident in your capabilities though?

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    • Honestly, great thing I did, when I felt , well, let’s say, I felt in my own way, with similarities... as I don’t believe in being able to know how others feel. That is impossible.
      What I did, is I got this outdoorsman magazine and flipped back to the inside over and there was this ad, for employment, in Alaska, at Denali National Park. They offered to even pay for transportation if you could commit to 3 months by contract, Alaskan Thunderfuck Weed everywhere, beer is expensive, middle of nowhere, worked in a park for fish & game, was such a good move to get the fuck out of dodge

    • There is a reason i stay, no one would inder the pain i do without something on the line.

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