Do you think I was wrong?

This is what happened last night. My ex knocked at the door.

Me:... hi. Did you need something?
Him: can I see the kids?(our newborn twins)
Me: theyre sleeping right now.
Him: I just want to see them.
Me: okay but dont wake them up Im trying to clean up
*he goes back there and sees them while I clean and comes back like a minute later
Him:Baby can we talk?
Me: 😕... baby?
Him: I want my family back
Me: you and me were never family. Those are your kids and you have them anytime you can always come see them or take them with you
Him: I want you back
Me: ... what?
Him: *sigh*
Me: I gave you a second chance and you took me for granted again. Then I got pregnant and you werent there you didn't even know. And you are here for the kids now and thats good but you never even tried to make it up to me. You didn't even say your sorry
Him:Im sorry.
Me:okay I forgive you. But if your asking for a third chance why should I?
Him: ...
Me: no seriously why should I give you another chance to be with me? You haven't even earned another chance. You haven't done anything to make it up to me
Him: I dont know what to do! I'm trying to change
Me: I gave you a chance and you wasted it-
Him: we didn't have kids then! I was stupid and young.
Me:my mistake was giving you a second chance when you didn't deserve it. You didn't make it up to me then and now your trying to do it again.
Hin: What can I do?
Me: I don't know
Him: You dont even love me anymore.
Me: you dont just stop caring about people but... I don't know man. Fight for me? Thats something I know you will never do though.
Him:Im doing it now!
Me: your doing the same thing you did in the past. Your asking me to just take you back just because you want another chance.
Him: man okay.

*then he leaves*
Do you think I was wrong?
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