Woman having exes equal damaged goods? are those science theories real?

i've read in a site that we :
A woman produces oxytocin and dopamine during sex. She produces the same amount during child birth. Two peak times. However, it decreases with more sexual partners. She gets desensitised to the secretion. Causing her to chase a high. This is why you will see women with children out of marriage by different men. This is the baseline reason. Now she unable to actually love or care about her male partner because of the oxytocin level deficiency that occurs in comparison to the first partner. That is why the standard was for women to be virgins at the time of marriage. Today though you have males socially programmed to provide for and accept this as normal.

A woman actually stores the genetic code of the male that has ejaculated in her!!! It disperses throughout her system mainly targeting her endocrine system in an attempt to prepare for child birth. Chemical birth control destroys the sperm but cannot interfere with the process I mentioned. That means she carries the latent code of every male she slept with. This is the BASELINE source of the females irrational behavior. Her endocrine system has been primed by another male. Which affects her hormones, thinking and general state. It will be in constant flux once Pandora's box has been opened. If a male decides to take her on in a traditional role he will be destroyed. He also becomes non competitive in comparison to other males not in the same situation. This effect scales up.

The woman having spent her mojo and having gotten desensitised is now only looking for new adrenaline spikes, and how to financially secure her future. thus she gets into holy housewife facade mode while she has spent her youth seeking senseless validation and riding the cock carousel.

Why dont i feel to identify? maybe i'm a weirdo i only had one partner.
Woman having exes equal damaged goods? are those science theories real?
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