Why would she flirt intensely and seem to try to make me uncomfortable?

I’ve known this girl for years and the first conversation we had she was already flirting with me. She started laughing at my joke then asks me to repeat it then waits after class to tease me. She started chiming into my conversations to respond to stuff I say to other people or laugh trying to start conversation With me. Well she stared at me when I wasn’t looking. Well she started asking for selfies with me and to get closer to her. Her friend came and got me for a selfie with them when the girl wore something nice that showed her cleavage. She blushed while talking to me didn’t look me in the eye. She liked a picture with my dad tagged in it on Facebook so she’s on our notifications then told me in person she likes it. She’d try to compliment me any way she could. Say something questionable to me “nobody else is as big as you” then asked me how much I’m taller than my dad by. She’d find any way to compliment and start a conversation. Then she started holding long never ending eye contact during conversation and smiling. She never stopped smiling or broke the eye contact after conversation to the point it was uncomfortable and when I broke it she continued staring at me. Stared at me when she really needed to focus on something else. I’d crack a joke she’d stare into my eyes in silence and not stop, it got to the point her friend giggled uncomfortably. I went out to eat with my mom and she went to a spot in front of me and stared at me. I was with my mom again she’s drunk in a car laughing and she turned her head to stare at me nonstop and I held poor eye contact. I looked away didn’t look back she watched me leave. After that her and her mom unlike a picture I posted and she has a grudge against me.


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  • Maybe she liked you it's their nature they can't help it they see cute guys they have to flirt

    • But why does she do uncomfortable stuff and not stop like like a picture with my dad tagged in it and the long eye contact

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    • So you’re saying she likes me but can’t help but flirt with me

    • So are you saying she liked me or likes me

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