Why is my girlfriend acting like this?

So my girlfriends acting different, She won’t let me kiss her or hold her hand anymore and when I compliment her she just ignores it or if I text her it ends after a couple texts. It feels like she doesn’t really want me around her during school. Yet she still talks to me a lot and sits near me in class and waits for me to leave my class. I am confused and feel more like a friend than being in a relationship.


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  • Either she is losing interest in you or she's trying reaaaally hard to hint that you've done something wrong.
    Just ask her directly, she needs to understand you're not a mind reader

    • I actually asked her directly and she said that she still likes me a lot and I asked if her if I did something to upset her and she said “No, I would’ve told you” then she hugged my arm and laid her head on my chest and it continues to be the same. :/

    • U never know, she might be stressed

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  • Sounds like the dreaded friendzone.


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  • Might be losing interest, or annoyed at something you did. If neither of those are happening, maybe there’s something in her personal life that’s bothering and distracting her, but I can’t read her mind so who knows. It’d probably be best to ask her why she’s been acting so distant.

  • Talk to her about her attitude and ask her straight up if she's still interested in being with you and depending on the answer you do what's best. Also let her know that you don't feel fine with how unresponsive she's being.


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