Should I stay or should I go? What must be done?

Its about a girl who goes to similar college as me and similar tuition with me. We were good friends for sometime but then I proposed her, she told she had a boyfriend and assured me that this will never effect our friendship. However, it did and she started to keep a great distance, started to ignore me and stopped interaction. I talked to her friend about this, she asked her and got that she told about this to her boyfriend, and her boyfriend told her to kill any interaction with me. She added that I can remain a casual friend, but if I expect more than that, I can forget this friendship. Her friend (my enquirer) added that she doesn't like to return home with me (we live side by), however, she told she didn't actually say this, but meant it and also that she feels comfortable with her else college friends. What should I do now. Should I give her space, a lot (no texting, no interaction, no returning home together) for sometime (2-4 weeks) and then re-approach her and wait for time to heal things, or should I take the things as it goes? Any other suggestions? This is somewhat ruining my time at home and at college (specially when she's around). Should I ignore her to (i. e. when she approaches me, I talk to her normally). Will time heal the situation, will our friendship be close to normal again, I loved the time I spent with her, now I must keep distance with one I want to talk to.. Should I expect positive outcome?


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  • She doesn't want you. What do you expect is going to happen?

    • I've kept expectations for nothing. I am just asking is this going anywhere?

    • You will always want more and she does not. She has a boyfriend and it is not you. If she has not already made this decision, she will eventually decide to exclude you from her life entirely. Do you want to spend the next few years crying for someone who doesn't want you OR will you accept that this relationship is finished and move forward with your life?

      That is your choice.

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