Girls what’s the story with your asses?

Are they suppose to be big and bouncy? And dose high waisted pants and underwear actually show it off better?
guys what do you think which is better?
  • The bigger and bouncierit is the better it is
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  • Big and bouncy is nice but only to a certain degree see my opinion below
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  • Firm but bouncy is best!
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  • Flat buts mean you have less resistance and weight pulling against you. My ass is flat
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  • It's just a trend. A few years ago the trend was to be really skinny, now it's to have a big ass, then another trend will come.
    And girls just following like blind people.

    • So girls can change asses just like they change clothes? Is this implants, fake padding, photoshop?

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    • That sucks!! I like this trend!! Haha!!

    • This must all be terribly expensive. And then a girl needs the hand bag and the pumps to go with it. The pressure must be unimaginable.

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  • Can someone tell me how an arse can be firm?


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