Why do girls play so hard to get?

There’s this girl I’m trying to have sex with right
So I told her straight up..

Im tryna get between those ass cheeks

and she goes

I dont even know you, creep

Like why do they all play hard to get?
Like cmon girl
She knows she wannit
For all the people calling me a creep or rapist
You don’t know anything about me
All you know is part of a convo I had with one girl.

& I was obviously being sarcastic
So if I’m a creep & a rapist

You grandparents are rapists
& your kids/future kids are all creeps too


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  • I hate it when trolls don't even try. Be original, or at least mildly convincing.

    • Says the girl who hides her face and shows her tits
      Lol 👍

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    • I actually have a degree already and a full-time career, I'm solid.

    • Lol Not solid enough
      I think you need to grow up
      & work on your hand writing... Come on now

  • Wow, even the guys are calling you a creep and a rapist. 😂😂 If this isn't a joke and you're serious, you're gonna end up a rapist one day. Probaly a child rapist because they can't put up a fight, aka in your terms they can't play "hard to get." Then your ass is gonna end up behind bars where even the prisoners whove committed horrific crimes see you as scum. Then they will get you alone gangbang ass rape you while the police just watch, let it happen, or turn a blind eye.

    • Well I would have expected some of the delusional dudes to be like "oh she didn't give you no ass" or some shit like that bc dude always bragging about who they fucked.🤷‍♀️

      I'm glad to see there are lots more decent respectful guys than disrespectful immature ones.

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    • Where did I say anything about rape
      OR describe wanting to rape anyone
      If someone planned on raping someone
      I doubt they’d ask for it first

    • @Asker Where did I say that you said something about raping or decribed wanting to rape someone? I said ask a rapist question you're gonna get called a creep. Your entire creep ass question is EXTREMELY concerning.

      "There’s this girl I’m trying to have sex with right
      So I told her straight up..
      Im tryna get between those ass cheeks and she goes
      I don't even know you, creep Like why do they all play hard to get?
      Like cmon girl
      She knows she wannit"

      Sounds pretty rapey to me. "She knows she wannit" said every rapist ever.
      Because like a rapist, you are severely delusional to the reason she turned you down, and to the fact that she does not want you. If she "wanted it" she wouldn't have said no. No means no, not yes or maybe later.
      Maybe stop acting like a creep and you won't get major backlash and called out for your actions.

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  • You’re not being a gentleman this is why women are becoming lesbians cause our fucking kind “men” ain’t shit now a days this is why women date other women cause SOME men can’t wait for the right time

    Also “men” don’t fully mature till they hit their30’s just FYI ladies “men” ain’t men till they’re in their 30’s

    • Oooooooh

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    • @Kenni
      I didn’t expect you get this many comments and I’m kinda tired of reading them
      So I only read your first sentence no offense

      but I’m not a gentlemen to all women
      only to women who earned it
      I’m a gentlemen to my mom but not to just anybody
      If I can get that ass then we can talk

    • What I can recommend you is start a conversation with her get to know her this was like you walking up to a stranger and ask if you can borrow his coat women get hella creeped out you could know her name or not but she felt like that you creeped her out at least do something talk to her or w. e and you MAY get what you’ll want but I’ll assure you it may not cause you already blew it off

  • That's not how it works... that's not how any of it works.

    I had a friend who used to think like that. She was rejected by every single woman he ever asked. He is gay now. So keep it up bro soon you will have a boyfriend.

    • I already have one unfortunately
      His name is right
      He’s always handy when I need him

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What Girls Said 38

  • Your lazy trolling is making you sound like a potential rapist...

  • She's not playing hard to get. She's turning a pervert down flat.
    You sound like a real creep. I'd turn you down too.

    • You don’t have to worry I wouldn’t talk to you anyway
      I’d try to stay away from you & try not to end up as blind sided as your profile picture is

    • At least I didn't answer the question hiding behind an anonymous mask.

    • An anon mask
      Clever I’ve never heard that before

  • girls play hard to get cause we want to be chased. we like effort and this is cliché but actions speak louder than words. don’t text her “ hey i like you” cause then well question that. and that’s not what you say if u like her. she’s not playing hard to get, she’s avoiding a creep

    • Everybody keeps calling me a creep
      I’m just straightforward

      So you’re saying I should like
      Tell her that I wanna slide it in her
      In person

    • I practically throw myself at Michael. He is the one playing hard to get.

  • Maybe you coming at her like that, made her not want it.

    • She did at first... kinda?
      Until I kept talking about it

    • Yeah, you turned her off talking like that.

  • Dude if she has any self respect she's not going to fuck you

    • I’ll get back to you once we fuck

  • Well, she's not playing hard to get, she's genuinely not interested. If you're tryna get in someones pants you gotta pretend to care about them. Hey, how was your day? And listen to her. And eventually she'll wanna hang out if you're nice enough and you can fuck her. You're welcome. ^^

    • Pretend to care
      I think even that’s a little bit too harsh for me

    • Well then you could could always go to hookup sites. Adultfriendfinder. com and Onlinebootycall. com are both good choices

  • Disgusting. Is this how you see a girl - an object for sexual gratification?

    • Not an object
      I’m not into objects

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    • I’m not into materials & feeling a certain way about someone is objectifying them?

    • Forget about the object. Obviously it’s too complicated for you.
      My question was - what are you looking for in a girl? Is it all about sexual gratification? If that’s the case, you might do better if you look for a professional or a girl that is on your level of understanding and values.

  • Are you sure she wasn’t being serious? I think most girls would reject you like that if you just walk up to them and tell them ”im tryina get between those ass cheeks” lmaoo

    • The whole situation with this girl is weird
      I only showed you guys like one part of our conversation
      She’d be cool with doing stuff
      but she wants to get to know me better first
      I don’t wanna do that though

      I just wanna get up in those cheeks

    • Then thats the problem, you either get to know her better or find another girl who is willing to let you clap those cheeks real quick

  • Is this a joke? Because most girls will be the same way if you go up and say that to them.

    • It’s not a joke
      The girl is real
      & I am trying to slide up in her ass cheeks

      I’m not really upset about her playing hard to get lol
      She’ll come around

  • You're probably a troll or you have 0 social skills and experience or you're mentally ill. If you're trolling I wouldn't try that in real life. If you'd say that to a girl with a boyfriend or overprotective friends or family you'd be in trouble. If you are serious then consult a doctor.

    • I’m trying to consult some ass

  • YOU complain that women are hard to get. The next blue anon on gag complains that women are all sluts.

    Sounds like this isn't about the women at all.

  • Hmm I don't know that's weird man, she should just open up already

  • She probably meant what she said, that's not a productive way to get a girl. You have to at least want to actually talk and get to know her and sex may come into the picture later, but just sex without any type of connection at all is boring. A prostitute would be a better option, just my opinion.

    • I want a girl who’s having sex for fun not business purposes

    I'm lonely.
    I'm desperate.
    I'm yours!
    Come and get me.

    • Four (currently) thumbs down. Apparently I'm expected to play hard to get. That might have worked half a lifetime ago when I was 25. It doesn't work the same now and I'm no longer interested in leading people on. I desire a more direct approach.

  • You just can't tell her like that and thay think hard to get is sexy

  • She might not be interest or bc guys tend to show more interest in girls who ignore them

    • How’s that

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    • An insecure anon🙄

    • Whatever dude

  • because we don't to have sex with people we don't know?

    • Who is we and are you sure about that
      If by we you mean all women, that’s far from true

    • He's got you there livingtrash.. Make a woman feel a certain way and them panties drop. I don't care if it's a month or an hr. after you meet her. lol

  • Is this a joke

    • It kinda is
      Kinda isn’t

      The situation is real but I’m not really upset about it
      The whole thing is kinda funny to me

  • Ewww

  • Why u trying to have sex with her? Do u like her?

    • Sorta? Yes & No
      I wanna have sex because I just want it
      & I feel like I could eventually like her

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    • Lol “standards” you mean tit size and whether you think she’s ugly?

    • @hnw627
      Nah her tits are actually kinda small
      I mean o haven’t seen them but you can tell
      That’s why I wanna get up in the ass

      The ass isn’t all that big either
      but... it’s an ass.. cmon now..

      My standards are no men
      No boyfriends
      No diseases
      No under 18

      I can pretty much work around everything else

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What Guys Said 53

  • Dude, there is a fine line of difference between playing hard to get and ignoring a creep. Go figure.

    • No need to go figure anything
      I’m not a creep
      I’m Batman.

      Big difference

    • Poor guy

    • Batman isn’t poor
      Have you seen his car

  • Ok rapey Mcrape face calm down. Sounds like she's not interested

    • Mcrape?
      Sounds like a McDonald’s drink
      anyway if I’m a mcrape face what are you
      Mr Heyyyyyyyy69 ?

      what are you exactly

  • Dude, no, she doesn't "wannit". I agree - you are a sleazebag creep, manwhore, jiggalo. Respect yourself and your sexuality. Or at least respect others when they don't want to casual fuck. I hate to say this, but when I see people like you, hardcore feminists don't seem quite as crazy- you people exist. In both genders. But thankfully still in smallish quantities.

    • The only one I agree too is jiggalo

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    • UPDATE: If she sounded sarcastic you wouldn't say she was being hard to get. Get over yourself. If someone doesn't want you, leave them the fuck alone.

    • I never said she sounded sarcastic
      You get over yourself

  • god doesn't anyone want more than just fucking. Sex is so much better with love man. Oh and she really didn't like you or she thought you was a perv and possibly a mix of both

    • Lol
      Sex is better with love?
      but I don’t wAnt that right now
      I just want the sex part

  • Lmao this is the worst troll I've seen. Also, if you're actually serious, you're the kind of guy who's going to rape someone and then get himself killed later down the road.

    • Everybody is calling me a rapist lol
      I want sex
      Rape would ruin my life so why would I?
      I’d just do porn if I wanted it that bad

      What is rape going to do for me

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    • Also it isn't loading

    • Now it loaded. They both look good but I like the photo on the far right better

  • You are either going to be single a very long time or if not you'll be unhappy because the girl who goes for that line is going to be a hoe.

    • Doesn’t matter what she is
      I’m not looking for a girlfriend I’m good on that

  • Bruh lmao I'm shit at flirting but even I know that shit won't work

    • You’d be surprised
      I said the same thing to a different girl & she unfriended me
      She randomly added me back, sent me 1 nude picture
      Ignored me, & unfriended me again

    • Alright then

  • Yep that is a creep move. You should have said you like her hair bro.

    • Hair doesn’t have nothing to do with the ass though

    • My point is you could have said ANYTHING apart from what you said.

  • Yeah and she gets her little betas and you lay them out and she's all over him like he didn't know what was going to happen. And now she's stupid because she's picking this slobbering fool choking on his own teeth while I'm upright and got all my pieces. Dumb bitch ain't even worth it.

  • Bro.. Being real honest and straight forward is a big turn off for most females...
    I'll suggest you to get a Hooker you'll not be dissapointed.

    • If I get a hooker I’m not just gonna pay for it
      I’m gonna do porn so I get paid too

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    • nah I’d just stick with porn

    • So sad, our loss.

  • I know right? Like get the fuck out of here with that "I dont know you" shit girl I know youve seen me creeping on you these past weeks. I don't understand women man

  • You sound like a cheap ass dimestore hood! ... fuckin gen z's. -_- Maybe, if a dude who don't even know you hates you purely cuz the way you presented your story, it's not her... it's you! She'd prolly be wanting to rape YOU if you weren't such... a CREEP! LOL

  • Hahaha boy, if a girl did this to me I would have ignored her like I wouldn't have even answered.

    • So
      If a girl came up to you
      & wanted you all up in her cheeks
      You’d just say no

    • Yes that's too direct.

  • Dude. I'm hoping your 18 and just beginning to mature. There is a difference in being confident and being a dick. While this might work, I've seen it happen, most of the time it won't. I can tells you that this is definitely not a good pick up line and just plain childish. Girls play hard to get because it their way of filtering out men. So my advice is step up you game.

    • I am 18 but I’ve been mature

  • For sure you deserve that reply! It's the baddest way man! You made her fell like a whore!! So its good she didn't slap you on face!! You have to start a short clean conversation with her first, take number/Instagram, then start to message nd know her, then u can go fuck every whole in her!

  • My wife said she would have told you something worst.

    • as would most girls including me

    • if your wife is your age I wouldn’t go anywhere near her

    • @evendiscotaken & with your age
      You can’t come anywhere near me

  • She jus wants you to sweat for that ass. She don't wanna appear as some easy sloot but bitch is just frontin. Y'all know she's face down ass up with her butt cheeks spread on the reg so all the brothers can ram their jimmy dong up her crap shoot. She say she don't know you but you can bet your mortgage she wants to. Jus wear her down til she's frothing at the gash. Bitches love games but really jus wanna be dominated by some guy who'll tell her the rules.

  • Because how else is she going to know if you’re “man enough”?

    This is the oldest shit test in dating. If u are masculine enough to simultaneously pursue her and woo her, you “pass” the test.

  • Because you're trying to have sex with her? I wonder why.

  • Well I dont think it was a good opener, unless you are on a check mate for stupids.
    And people (not just girls) ussually prefer to know the person are talking with before doing those pleasurable but some times regretable things.

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