Girls, does she like me (detailed story)?

I do sports so i went out of state for a week to practise with other team, there I saw a cutie (let's name her K), so K is typically a outgoing and active girl, so on the first day I could feel she was staring at me I don't know why?, So I asked my friend to keep an eye on that girl so I got to know that K was stealing stares, and glances at me ONLY, so on the third day I go to her and asked her the time and well her voice was very small rather compared to talking to other people, so the stealing stare thing continues every day, and on the third I asked her where is her coach? So now I don't know probably she doesn't know English too well so she stuttered and gave me my answer, and I have noticed while stretching and in a group photo that her feet were pointed towards me many times, when I was jogging alone she reduced her distance between me, so one day my sir asks her to talk to me but she smiles and kinda Shys away from that (she still didn't come and talk to me though), in a group I made a joke and I could see K laughing at it and looking at me (genuine laugh) I don't know whether it means anything or not, once me and my group of friends were sitting in a ground and K and one of her friend walked past when K looked at me and whispered something in her friends ear and giggled looking at me. So yeah this is it she is 15 and I am 16, I don't know whether it's a green flag or a red flag please clarify this and tell me whether I should proceed or not?


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  • she was getting all flirty with you.. So I see as a green flag


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