How to tell a guy u like him?


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  • I don't know his name so I'll give him one: Manfred Cecile Cuthbert the III - So normally you'd just call him Manfred, right?

    Going forward you need to take his hand, look him in the eye and say Manfred Cecile Cuthbert the III, I Emiliac1233 do hereby declare that I do truly like you! I would be honoured if you could spare this moment in time with me and tell me how this makes you feel? Thank you!

    What I'm trying to say is life's too short, trust me... Tell him straight up, judge his reaction and response accordingly and go from there.

    You've nothing to lose as you'll either lose the one you thought was the one you liked because you felt he liked you back, or you'll begin to talk about plans for a date on Hallows Eve ;-)

    Good luck and don't worry about anything, you're going to be fine whatever the outcome :-)

    • I wish i could.. He would think i was weird and he also has a girlfriend

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    • Emiliac1233 you're welcome :-)

    • Thank you for MHO :-)

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  • Ripping the bandaid is the best way to go. Just get him alone and tell him “I’m interested in you, so let me know if the feeling is mutual so that I won’t waste my time”
    All you need is a simple yay or nay. Don’t give him the option to bullshit around—some guys do that.

    • The problem is he has a girlfriend rn

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    • I will wait years for him.. He is like the guy version of me and we get along so well

    • If you feel like he is worth it then yes, wait as long as you’re willing

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  • You've just gotta go for it. "Hey, I like you, do you wanna hang out sometime?"

  • You don't if you are me but it would be great if you do lol. Maybe ask him if he likes anyone

    • He has a girlfriend tho... So

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    • Well no you were asking how should I tell him, not shall I tell him. But no then, don't tell him, not until he has broken up with his girlfriend, which knowing 14yr olds won't be that long a wait. :D

    • Damn that was harsh towards us 14 year olds

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