Signs a stranger (girl) likes you if you just met?

So i just met a girl last week and everyday she keeps stealing stares at me, and steals glances at me for no reason (i didn't do anything obnoxious nor am i weird). What do you think it is? We never talk, but i did ask help from her at times and she is 15 and i am 16


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  • It sounds like she likes you. Strike up a conversation. Start there.

    • What if she isn't responsive?

    • What if? What's the worst outcome? We've all experienced rejection and survived. You need to just try. It gets easier. Not to mention you can just make small talk and then you'll see if she's interested in further talk from there.

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  • She becomes responsive when having conversations, she looks at you a lot, she looks kinda nervous and you'll just feel it man. Assume attraction always.


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  • She wants to fuck you. Speaking from experience from when I was 15.

    • Please don't be satcastic

    • *sarcastic

    • Iā€™m genuinely not being sarcastic. That is literally how I was when I was 15 with my crushes. 15 year old girls are just as horny as the boys.

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