Please help me understand this girl's behaviour. Why is she doing it?

I have this girl in my tuition class who is also my junior in collage. It's been more than a week and we greet each other daily with smile. She is from another city studying here. Her room is approx. 200-300m from the class is also on my way to home. Once I saw here on the way to class and offered her lift on my bike. She agreed. But she is acting kinda strange always when the class get over. She walk fast from the class which I think (and nearly sure) is because she don't want to let me offer her lift. She talks all the time nicely but this strange behaviour at the end of the classes left me confused. What are your theories?


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  • Some girls are scared of guys. And she might also think you are trying to be more than friends. In which she likes you and doesn't think she is good enough for you, or she doesn't like you and thinks that a guy would never settle to just be friends.

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      Thanks. How can I know if she likes me not in this case?

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      Chase after her one day and ask her what's wrong. If she gets super worried and hesitant to answer, just say, "What, do you like me or something?"

      If she says yes, there you go.

      If she says no, then just laugh and say, "Ok then." That implies that you don't care about being in a relationship with her, but still keeps the doors open just in case she was actually lying in fear.

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