During in person conversations. what are obvious ways of knowing a girl doesn’t like you? the guy?


Do you agree with the video?

I felt this question could help guys on girlsaskguys community


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  • They seem bored with u and can't wait to get as far away from u as possible

  • She keeps trying to walk away
    She pays attention to everything but you
    She says she doesn't like you

    • What about the video, would you say that’s correct?

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  • Body language and facial expressions.


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  • dont watch this videos at the first place
    and believe me i know what im talking about
    most of the stuff they say is bullshit
    every girl is different u can't assume that on everyone u meet
    its the same with guys
    every person shows interrestin diferent ways
    but this first is true actually
    if she doesn't want to touch you , bad sign

    • Actually, not always with touch. It just depends, because I know people who don't touch at all and I know people who use touch to signal only friendly interest. And this video mostly used generic psychological indicators. I felt they were pretty solid, and have even experienced some of them myself.

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    • 7d

      You give great advice! Can you help with this question?

      Can you help me with these conversations with my guy friend? Does he want her? Am I friend zoned?

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