Girls, Was she trying to hint that she likes me more then I think and I missed it or was it a best friend moment?

So I have know this girl for 6yrs.
She is my best friend. We playfully flirt every time we speak. Sometimes I feel we have moments when it’s serious love.
The last few years, each time we wanted to get together the other was taken. Cool. still close friends. I get into it with her guy for over stepping with me yesterday and today she says “Regardless of what happens I’d still wanna talk to you. If we don’t we have no friendship” then she says that she didn’t gave a f*** if it was her dude, nothing should f*** up what me and her got.


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  • Ohh sister she into youuu

    • Yeah? Well of course I respect her relationship buuuut I don’t know what I should do?
      Some days it’s meh. Other times I wish😏

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