Woman I dated briefly ended things. But texted me the other day... How do I handle this?

So we dated for about a month, it moved very quickly, and she ended things because she wanted to keep things casual. She kept telling me how much she liked me the whole time, but since she isn't going to stay here in my city, she didn't want to get involved in a serious relationship. She knew I liked her more than that, so she ended things.

I was cool about it for the most part, we were even flirting during the breakup talk, but eventually I accepted it, and tried to move on. The last time we talked I dropped her stuff off at her apartment with a bottle of wine and a note telling her I had fun with a receipt from our first date, which we both joked about being the best date we had ever been on.

We didn't talk for about 2 weeks while she was on vacation with her family over new years, I did text her happy new year, but she never responded. Although she was on a cruise.

Then Friday, she texted me "Happy Belated New years." I responded a bit later with, "Thanks, and that I hope she had a good time, and her dad is doing better". He was in the hospital when we talked last.

She then started texting me asking my how my vacation was etc... Basically wanting to talk while she was on break at work. I kept it nice and light, but didn't ask her to hang out and was teasing her a bit. I told her to have a nice night and not be a stranger. She texted me back after that that she was pretty much done for the night, but I didn't respond. That was Friday, today is Sunday. I want to text her and start the convo up again, but should I remain in no contact until she contacts me?

She seemed to make a point to let me know she is off Monday, and all her friends are busy that day, when we were texting, and wanted to go out and enjoy the snow. Should I ask her to hang out, or play it cool and wait for her to text me again?


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  • I would let her come to you if she going to. And if she does, be friendly and open but not pushy.


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