Why do people think having standards make them a better person somehow?

For example they think saying “I want a hot successful guy” and a whole entire laundry lists of what they want, and they tend to belittle people who don’t match their own warped veiws.

they act like having “high standards “ makes them just as valuable when really they just want a high value person they seem to want to be but expect it in a partner rather then be that person themselves.

and more often than not they don’t bring much to the table either ex: you better be sexy in every way and perfect career wise, what do I bring? >insert generic and basic answers, “I’m loyal” I’m well educated” >when they graduated from community college but expect you to be a Harvard grad


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  • Like you said it gives them a false sense of self worth when they themselves aren’t really deserving most of the time for what they want


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