Why won't she block him?

My best friend's ex threatened her and her families life. She told me all about it and it was scary.

I saw tho that she is still following his family's business on social media and even liked a few of their posts. His family didn't even like her and weren't friends with her.

She is dating a new guy too. Why is she so scared yet following his family?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's not uncommon for people with invested hearts to make
    foolish and fatal decisions.

  • Some people lie for attention, some people manipulate others,
    Now I’m not saying your friend is lying but it could be a possibility.


What Girls Said 1

  • i have been threatened by an ex before and i wanted to just cut him out and run but when dealing with a violent person you have to tread lightly. at least in my situation i didn't want to anger him into harming me. it took a year of slowly cutting communication to get to this place where i have finally blocked him from everything.

    • 2d

      But she had so many fights with him and according to her the threat came after she sent him pics of her and the guy she was cheating on him with together.

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