Is she being flirty, friendly or a tease?

This girl who I consider one of my best friends recently started acting a bit different than what she used to.

What confuses me is that she has a boyfriend and I know she would never cheat on him. She is a great person and friend.

But this is what confuses me. Why would she say the following-

1. I was telling her that I miss cuddling someone and she said I could cuddle her instead
2. She said my ex was stupid to let me go and that she was very lucky to have me
3. We have a party later tonight and she was jokingly saying how she could be my date and make my ex jealous.

Am I stupid for missing obvious signals? Or what?
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What Girls Said 3

  • Nah that’s weird. But she seems like she’s confused about her emotions like maybe she likes you AND her current boyfriend. Or maybe her boyfriend isn’t fulfilling her relationship needs and she wants to see how you would handle her being all flirty. Ether way she has a boyfriend and she shouldn’t be with him if she’s not 100% into him.

    • 3d

      that’s the vibe I got too. so you think she’s flirting with me, or just playing with me?

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    • 3d

      ... but yeah. It’s weird that she’s doing that while having a boyfriend. Maybe she wants to test the waters to see where it goes

    • 3d

      I don’t know the girl personally so I guess it’s up to you to choose if you believe she’s flirting or just playing with your feelings. If I had to pick one I would think playing with your feelings but that’s what I get from the post. I don’t know her like you do or the complexity of your friendship with her, so only you could guess. Or maybe even just ask her what’s up.

  • Most likely scenario: She likes you *and* her boyfriend at the same time. She can’t help herself. It happens. As long as she doesn’t cross the line then you should consider it as what it is- flirtatious banter.

    Second most likely scenario: She is just playing with your emotions, and might not be as great as you describe her (I don’t know her, so please take this lightly)

  • She’s being friendly. Friends can cuddle.

    • 4d

      Really? Cuddling seems like more of a romantic/sexual thing to me but ok..

    • 4d

      I have cuddled with friends of both sexes. Nothing happened.

    • 4d

      Alright. Thank you

What Guys Said 1

  • She is being frndly


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