Girls, Why did she keep randomly inboxing me?

Me and a girl had spoke on an off before uni over Facebook and she would always send winking faces. then when we started uni we didn't speak.. and she didn’t make any new friends.. I’m abit older than her and I don’t think she’s very experienced and I tried to talk but she would speak to me for some reason.

So up gave up trying and fell out with her and she would talk to her friends about me.. but then we made up because me and her friends drink her alcohol and I replaced it which she said she thought was cute. But I haven’t made any attempt to ask her out or even talk and have up... I always throw Partys in her flat which her flat mates are my friends but they don’t like her but she invites herself because it’s her flat. But she won’t leave me alone at Partys, keeps asking me questions and making it known she appreciates me. If I’m talking to other girls she will keep shouting me to grab my attentions and be really loud. And her friends keep coming up to me and saying sorry

But now the girl keeps randomly messaging me on Instagram asking if I’m going out or if I want to meet up if we are in the same city. At first I though she was friendly but then it kept happening and she keeps sending kissing faces and live hearts. But when I ask her why she doesn’t say why? And if I go to her flat she makes excuses to be around when I’m around. She not very experienced and shy but if I ask her out to coffee she ignores it and I see her in the corridor and she try’s not to smile


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  • Sounds like she likes you

    • 6d

      But why when I ask her. Why she keeps randomly messaging asking if I’m going out she’s ignores me and then I ask her to coffee and she ignored it.. I see her a week after and I blanked her and she was smiling to herself when I passed

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