What the heck do I do?

I’m really stupid and made a huge mistake I don’t know what to do about this and I didn’t know what topic to put it in either!

My friend and I were showing each other our Snapchat accounts, like we swapped them, they live in another country, anyways when we swapped back her phone glitched and gave her all of my photos and now she had access to my “my eyes only” where I’ve got some lewd stuff and I’m so embarrassed and freaking out. She laughed and said “I’ll never forget this” and she’s a bit younger than me and I’m almost 18. (She did eventually restart the app and then got them off, point is she saw all my dirty stuff and I don’t know how to handle the situation) is there any advice you guys can give me to do so? 😞


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  • Just don't talk about the inncedent too much. Judging from the response you got it seens she tought it was funny. You will be fine

    • Okay :c thanks for the advice

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  • You're not stupid nor did you make a big mistake it was something to do with the exchange that didn't go right.
    If she's a friend she won't judge you or bring it up or say anything to anyone else, if she does any of those she's not a true friend at all.

    • Thankyou so much, I still want to blame myself because I’m the one that let her on my account in the first place, but I didn’t think this would’ve happened. I hope she is a true friend because she’s my longest had friend. :c Thankyou though I needed to hear this.

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    • Thankyou >.<

    • 3d

      Thank you!

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  • Dont worry about it and dont trust any one and learn from this

    • Okay thank you 🙏🏻

    • Honest its not worth the stress me myself l dont use any of those sites take care

  • I don't think there's anything you really can do other than learn from this and be more cautious when sharing things in the future. So did you give your friend your Snapchat password? That's pretty much always a bad idea because it exposes everything and with phones doing so many things automatically these days this kind of thing can happen.

    Beyond that I would say that you just need to try not to worry too much about it. I know it's embarrassing but many other people, maybe even including your friend, probably have similar kinds of things that they keep private so it's not like you're weird or anything for having it.

    You might feel a bit awkward with your friend for a while but hopefully she won't keep mentioning it. If she has stuff like that too, this might have made her feel better that she's not the only one doing that.

  • Live & learn


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