A friend likes you but is not ready to have sex so does not suggest dating-yet. Would you sleep next to her, as a favor? Do you need a hj first?

( hypothetical no need to give advice 😊)

So miss so and so really likes you and you like her. Caveat- she was brought up forbidden any contact whatsoever with men, therefore lacks any heretofore experience esp of the romantic nature.

When she was 17 there was a crisis and her family moved away. She remained with distant relatives willing to help. She is free to date and intersted in sex , but not remotely ready. You like each other very much. She does not want to date atm bc she feels it is too much pressure on her to be ready for everything and or pressure on you to wait. She does not want to destroy the friendship with potential confusion and resentment. She encourages you to see others but there is no other you want to date , bc you want bc you want to date her. You have a bad case of ONEITUS 🤷‍♀️

You Guys stay friends while you secretly hope she will soon change her mind. You spend a lot of time together and one day she tells you she wants to sleep next to you.. She thinks it will be very special for her. She is sure you will soon find someone you want to date who is ready to date, and this will no longer be an acceptable activity. She is convinced she will not feel the same for anyone else as she does for you , so this experience is important to her and she is anxious to do it now, while you are free and there is the opportunity.

She realizes you may not be excited about the prospect , so accepts she is asking you for a favor. She realizes it may physically be difficult for you , as you are extraordinarily attracted to her.

While she has no previous experience with any part of the male anatomy, she suggests you teach her how to give a HJ. This aI can do that each night that you stay Over before you lay down so as to circumvent any accurate date energy , you will be able to rest and hold her peacefully whilst being undisturbed by lust..

Would you agree to it in the first Place?

Would you Be more likely to do it WITH a HJ or WITHOUT a HJ?

I won’t sleep next to her unless we are dating but I’d date her even if she’s not ready for sex... I don’t need a hj to sleep.
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I wouid do it as a friend ahd I don’t need a hj to sleep. I would feel uncomfortable and weird to have her do that esp given she’s never done anything.
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I would sleep next to her as a friend but I’ll need that hj or get the worst case of blue balls.
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Not sleeping next to her as a frurvd hj or no hj and I’m not dating her until she’s ready to have sex.
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Ummm OK I thought she was cool but seriously WTF 🤨🤨🤨 no sleep no hjs and friendship- debatable. That shit is weird.
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A friend likes you but is not ready to have sex so does not suggest dating-yet. Would you sleep next to her, as a favor? Do you need a hj first?
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