Does attraction drop when predictability sets in?

What are you up to?
What are you up to?

Inspired by this question: Why Guys Are Confusing To Us!

I've heard that a guy should not be so predictable with the woman, it helps to keep the mystery and attraction alive. I wonder if from a woman's viewpoint, if getting control of him, routine, predictability drops attraction?

Guys... move your eyes up... there ya go, no no... up up... yes, she has blue eyes... do you see that... up up.. Why is there a spider on her... anyway, see the first 5 min of video...

And Women ask why guys play games... we are being taught games!:)

For example, if he usually texts immediately... he starts delaying responses... intentionally! It may piss you off, it may agitate, but does your attraction and desire maintain or go up, or go down? I wonder if this is good long term, or mixed in for variety. Or if it just is helpful at the beginning...

Guys answer if you think that keeping some unpredictability with your woman helps to stimulate and keep attraction going vs it going stale!

So then the question becomes, what techniques have you found to keep attraction up while not driving your mate totally nutso! Cause we definitely don't want completely nutso mates or ones that run to some other dude!
i can't believe he didn't respond to
i can't believe he didn't respond to "I LOVE YOU"... what I do wrong!

We will get this figured out within the next 20, 000 years I'm sure...
  • Yes, when he's predictable and under my control, attraction drops
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  • It's the same, it's meaningless
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  • No, he's more attractive! I love it when I can make him jump through hoops
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  • I love this question, just show me the results!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ughh this just makes me worry. isn't it just easier to be single? I'm not saying that I want to be. But ugh. The games. Etc. I just can't.

    • I know... and this is the challenge. This is one of the reasons I think the trend is MGTOW hookups, friends with benefits, poly, blah blah. its gross as heck. Realize my eyes are focused on how to make LTR's work like pure bliss so more people are drawn to that light... but it is one heck of a tide to fight against...

    • Pure bliss of LTR. I like that. I'm definitely drawn to that.

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  • I don’t think it amtters as long as i am happy with him


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