If she responds to my messages, is this a sign of interest?

We only know each other from appearance and common classes at school. I write her on social media sometimes and she responds and leaves me on “read” later on. Is there still hope?
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  • It depends. She might just want to be friends. I don’t think she likes you by what your saying. For the most part, I think she just doesn’t want to be rude. Most girls would always text back and give attention to the guy they like.

    • 5d

      Even though they don’t know him well?

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    • 2d

      No, I don’t think it was a hint. I told her I love cats, she was like: “oh you have cats too?”
      That was the only question I got from her.

    • 2d

      Yea... sorry to say but she doesn’t like you...

  • maybe she checked as read and forgot to write you back? I think you should talk to her in person.. cause girls rather have guy come and talk to them face to face not in text or on social media... that would be awkward...


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