What does it mean when a girl loves being with you?

So I've been with this girl since last March and I see her every week but right now I'm not gonna be able to see her for a week and I told her I hate leaving her and she said to not feel bad and to text her on snapchat and she said I can hit her up every day if I want and then she said she loves my company and loves all my friends then we had a small pause and she made faces and moved her lips then we kissed on the lips (this is the 14th time) and then before I left she kissed my cheek and I hugged her and she whispered in my ear to be careful and then I kissed her on her cheek then I felt her pulling me closer and making me kiss her longer then she kissed me on the cheek again


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  • It's normal for girls to do that it just shows that she's in love. I know cause I'm also that kind of girl and I hate it when it's time for my boyfriend and I to go home.


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