Girlfriend reactions over tv shows and movies? Am I overreacting?

been noticing my girlfriend different reactions when I watch drama shows or movies with her. For example when we are watching Maury show, when it’s the guy cheating on the girl in the show she says the guy is a dog and wrong for doing that to her. However when it’s a girl cheating on a guy on the show it’s all funny and entertaining to her. Same with Lifetime movies and any other tv show or movie that deals with cheating.

Same with movies when it comes to sex scenes of cheating too. It’s funny and entertaining to her when it’s women doing it. When it’s the men in the sex scene cheating she has a shocked face and shakes her head

Some months ago I did bring this up to her and we had a small argument about it. She said she doesn’t find cheating funny either way. She said she don’t find men getting cheating on funny and find it wrong either way. She said we can stop watching Maury, Jerry Springer, Lifetime channel and those other shows and movies with people getting cheated on to avoid a argument. We stopped watching them for a little while, maybe a month but then we wind up start watching them again. Sometimes she will turn the channel now if it’s the woman cheating but she still back to laughing and finding it entertaining when the woman cheating

I’m starting to wonder does she condone cheating or would she cheat on me because of her reactions to these tv shows and movies. Am I overreacting or no? Been together 3 years


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