Girls, Do you still like men?

I was just wondering if you notice around girls are so much more beautiful looking than men in general. They have nice hair on the head, clean soft shiny smooth skin on face and body... they almost look like 👼 angels on the Earth. Their curvy body makes them so erotic and sexy.

Men look so much uglier and inferior compared next to a woman in general with our short head hair , sometimes bald head , stubbly / bearded face , rough hairier skin and lack of curves adds to the lack of erotic appeal and aesthetics.

Do you still like and prefer men over women?

I feel people who are cursed are born as men and blessed ones are born as women.
  • Men are uglier but I still like men over women
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  • Men aren't ugly. Just different looking and that's what appeals to me
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  • Prefer women for obvious reasons
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What Girls Said 2

  • You find them unattractive because you're straight

    • 4d

      Even if I am straight I shouldn't hate being a male.
      If a girl is straight would she hate being a girl? No.
      I hate all the things that I have because I am a male. It's better to be a female in my opinion

  • You're so damn right that MAJORITY MEN are unattractive & IN GENERAL WOMEN ARE WAY BETTER THAN THEM, APPEARANCE WISE & OTHERWISE, but there are still many men left who are attractive and I like them as far as appearance is concerned since I'm straight but Otherwise, I'm asexual, aromantic so I don't like them in that sense.

    • 4d

      Why are you still straight despite knowing that men are uglier?

    • 3d

      Because I'm attracted to attractive men who are not ugly.

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