How to handle the situation? Help?

I use to like a girl who was my friend years back.. She use to tease me for fun and often said I was funny and the she friendzoned me to which I began to have feelings for her but due to misconception we both fought and never talked for a year. As we were in the same class I decided to talk to her a year later and we were good.. And it was the final days of our college and Once the college ended before the exams started there was a party where few of my friends, classmates along with her were present and I was too high that I spoke little offensive about bher in front of them and on the way to our homes I met with a huge accident with my bike and she was behind me in her scooter with her friend and though she saw me she never stopped and continued her way.. We never got opportunities to talk and we never did but month's later I apologized to her by text and had a small chat and then I texted a couple of times but she replied lately like she took 2 days for a single text and again days back I texted her to ask about the college she studies but it's been 5 days but never replied though she replies to my friends.. I really feel miserable because of her and I started to feel hatred to other girls as well l and I regret for having friendship with her from the beginning.. I don't know why but the same question was removed by GAG yesterday just cause they thought I wrote something bad about her.. I lost hope in making friends with any girl now 😭


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  • You need to get her out of your mind. She's no good for you. Move on 🙏...

    I can't believe she didn't stop and help you

    • 3d

      No she's not in my mind anymore, almost forgot about her but had to ask something which was urgent but didn't bothered to reply.. even my enemies would have stopped but she didn't.. She will face Something more worse then me

    • 3d

      Yeah karma

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