Does this girl like me or something?

Here's a screenshot. She's always calling me Daddy or master even though i said its weird. I asked her and she said she's just messing with me its nothing serious? Or is it? Does this girl like me or something?Does this girl like me or something?
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  • I don't think I wouldn't joke that way if I don't at least like a bit that person. Other different thing is if you or her want to act or prefer to keep things as they are.


    • That's what i told her. Who calls someone else daddy when they're just friends. She doesn't stop.

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    • I would like to be able to help but I don't know her so I can't really tell what's holding her, or what kind of prejudices when it comes to love might she have

    • Ohh okay. Thanks for the opinion though.

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  • She likes you, I've never had a girl not interested in me call me that


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